beyond the Blue

In the summer of 2017, we set out to create a film to tell the story of Swim Dem Crew.

Beyond The Blue is that film.


There was no budget and no brands involved, just a team of creatives that shared our vision. We began the process by doing core thinking about what the reasons were for starting and continuing to invest time into Swim Dem, what makes us special and why our community is so important to us.

Our core values then helped drive the creative direction for the project. We focused on intimate hero angles, as well as symmetry to demonstrate that community is just as important as swimming for us.


Swim Dem Crew is a community of like-minded people that inspire each other to do the unknown. We draw on a family-like strength to achieve this and demonstrate this in the film with intimate sound-bytes from our crew members, as well as expansive aerial shots to show the vastness of the sea that we were swimming in.

mental health

Co-founders Nathaniel and Peigh have been vocal, passionate mental health advocates for the last few years and use interviews in Beyond The Blue to shed a light on their own experiences of mental health.

Beyond The Blue wouldn't have been possible without:

  • Peigh Asante & Nathaniel Cole - Creative Producers
  • Stuart Ross-Sheeran - Creative Director
  • Boya+Ruby - Cinematographers
  • Meric Pine - Editor
  • Seb Barros - Photographer
  • Darq E Freaqer - Music Composition
  • Twisted Jukebox 
  • Outer Rim Sounds
  • Matt Welch
  • Pip Roberts - Obonjan
  • Juliet & Steve - Truman Brewery