Berlin - Germany

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I like your idea and enthusiasm, thats why I hope some pics and info will be helpful
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Berlin is a paradise for swimming in summer, hehe
A lot of amazing lakes like Krummelanke or Wansee within the city
Also great amount of open public  swimming pools, I don't mean fancy party pools like Badeschiff (open party swimming pool touristic must see, which is located exactly on the Spree river next to the famous Kreuzberg 24h per day party area)
But modest, simple and still great open swimming pools with several zones for kids and adults in some of them (like in the Neukolln one) you could get some tan on the grass, while eating your pommes frites mit carry wurst  (fries with sausages with a bit of curry on top)


Unfortunately I don't have pics of this one, but it is must see. Literally you can just come to Berlin to make "swimming pool+sauna" tour guide
Stadtbad Neukölln is one of the most beautiful and old public swimming pools in Berlin. Please just check it.


The rest of the places are more like big amazing sauna or SPA e.g.

I guess it's a great start for your swimming adventures in Berlin 


Hi, sorry that it took so long from me to answer
My friend is swimming on the pics, which I've attached, Im the photographer
this is Sommerbad Kreuzberg
Public summer swimming pool right around the corner from the Prinzenstrasse U-bahn station
Sommerbad Kreuzberg
Prinzenstr. 113-119
10969 Berlin–Kreuzberg
•    There are 2 50m swimming pools also they have a playground for kids with water splash. 
•    Average price is 5,5
•    reduced 3,5 (you can pay reduced price during the working hours on the working week)
•    They also have family cards, seasonal cards and other attractive offers for groups, entrance for the kids younger than 5y.o. is free
•    During the weekends in summer it's quite busy, clean on the first look, just don't go there when poplars is blooming, because its literary everywhere

Here you can find basic description of almost all public swimming pools in Berlin, it's in German but quite clear with google translator 

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