We've worked with some great brands and people over the years, here's some of our personal highlights.



Every Monday and Saturday, we run our one of a kind Swim Dem Sessions with our crew.

On Monday, we focus on training, honing our technique and testing each other to go that little bit farther in the water. We have monthly tests to see where we're at and use it as an evening to catch up with our friends' lives.

Saturday is completely different. We focus on prepping ourselves for the weekend ahead with a plunge in a pool, followed by the best breakfast that the area has to offer.

Swim Dem Crew is for family above all else and that's what our sessions are about.

In 2015, we pioneered the Swim Dem Swim Challenge project with Ayo Akinwolere where we taught a group of amazing young people how to swim and more.


In 2015 and 2016 we worked with Android and LAD Bible respectively to shoot some incredible (and different) films. One focused on celebrating the energy that our crew had and the other was an intimate interview exploring our mental health.




2017 Presented us with an opportunity to create something that would tell our journey in a creative and emotive way. We worked tirelessly in the summer while working abroad, brought together a team of members from the crew to help us achieve our complicated idea and we couldn't be more proud of the result.